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I am spinner traveling through Europe as part of an extended journey around the world in search of adventures, personal growth, and new poi moves. Over the past year, I have participated in two circus tours (Thailand and India), connected with spinners in Istanbul and Tbilisi, attended the EJC in Karlsruhe, and immersed myself in trance beats while twirling poi and rope dart at the Boom festival. At home in San Francisco, I am part of a wonderful community of fire folks and have been associated with different performance troupes over the years.

My journey now leads to southern Spain. I intend to pass through Sevilla and Grenada before dipping down into Morocco. I would love to meet other spinners in this area, share tricks, and stay on some friendly couches. Where are my fire soulmates in this part of the world?

Thanks for any suggestions or offers.

Matt Freedman

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Good luck with that wink

When I lived in Southern Spain, the only spinners I came across were the occasional hippy type, that doesn't spin a whole lot, and certainly doesn't advertise their existence on the internet.

Street dancers, you might find. Spinners and Jugglers are a rare breed in southern spain, where Hip Hop and drinking culture have taken the lives of most of the youth population.

You will generally find the spanish quite friendly, despite the scary hip hop image, though.

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