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Posted:Hi everyone.
A few of us are looking to book on some pyrotechnic courses probably in stage pyro and wondered if anybody had any experience / knew a good course. I have found quite a few but am not sure yet which would be best for using Pyro in shows. I.e backdrop / foreground.
Any idea appreciated.

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Posted:There are two guys in Perth with licences. I will poke them in your direction (though this would only matter if you're in Oz...)

The gist of it I think is you have to find the person who runs the course... they only run a course if they have enough people so it could be months... licences run out each year and can be expensive if you aren't using pyros.

Also, a lot of he time people don't want to pay for it as well...


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Posted:I'll have a word around Mr Mynci. I know quite a few pyro guys from the summers events. Might even see one of them tonight in Liverpool.


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Posted:If you're gonna be in Christchurch :

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