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Posted:I'm a beginner to poi I just started today in fact, I can already do a few basic moves like forward and backward swings, split time swinging and high and low turns. I use glowsticks and string instead of poi (For those who don't know what glowstringing is) and I was wondering, what are some fairly easy moves that look particularly cool in the dark, at raves etc.

Thanks for the help



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Posted:I'm pretty sure someone will come along and tell you to search the boards...

What looks cool and what is 'easy' are very very personal and complex questions.

Personally - I think flowers look cool. going from butterfly to flowers or weave to flowers (I'd say learn butterfly and weave because they are the basis for many moves)

Another easy thing is to have one arm extended and the other spinning with the hand at the shoulder to have one huge, one small circle either spinning same/opposite direction same/split time.

Thats all I'm going to suggest. Why don't you look at the poi lessons and decide yourself what you think is cool, so look at the videos page, find a move, ask someone what the move is and then look for a tutorial on it!


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Posted:Ya, or watch people in real life.

Once you get a feel for what you like to do, then you can answer what is cool for yourself.

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Posted:Well they're all pretty cool really, it's just a matter of what you think is coolest. One thing to keep in mind is those glow sticks on strings are going to be really light and to keep up momentum ( necessary for spinning in the poi style ) so you'll find yourself spinning really really fast.

You may want to consider taping two or three glow sticks together as this will slow you down a little and give you just that much more time to think about what you're doing.



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Posted:try learning crosses,split time opposites,maybe buzzsaw, I just learned that today.
Check out some of Nick Woosley's vids.

I am somewhat new to Poi but I love it!


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Posted:you might want to start with some weaves. the three beat weave is great. once you learn forwards work on backwards. and turning between them. also the buterfly is real easy and great to do alot of stalls and wraps. good luck and have fun =)

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Posted:you have actually been spinning for almost a year now... so nevermind lol

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Posted:You're not the only one that uses glowsticks as a poi replacement. =p
Buzzsaws, 5 beat weaves, airwraps, and windmills are good if you haven't learned them already.

Learn the corkscrew/Raver's Plague (as my friend calls them =P). All very easy.

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