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Member Since: 7th Mar 2007
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Posted:Fellow Kiwi Pyros

Just letting you all know that the Thursday night fire gathering on the North Shore in Auckland has moved to Kahakitea (Albany Commune) as from next week. W will be there till atleast Feb next 2009 Location: Mills Lane, off Oteha Valley Road. Just go up the drive where there is limited parking. We will be on the big deck infront of the main building. As always, fuel is provided and donations are welcome. Thanks to the Kahakitea community for there support!

Any questions please call/txt 021 160 3863



Location: Toronto, Canada
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Posted:Hurray! Am moving to Auckland in 4 weeks, from Canada, and came on the site to see when and where get togethers were.



Location: North Shore
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Posted:What are the date for December? X-Mas and New Years?

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Posted:Is there a pretty regular group in Auckland, Dinx? Like marmalade I'm moving down that way within the next year or so (hopefully) and I'd like to know where I can find fellow spinners.


Location: wales,llanelli in the south
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Posted:hey im in Auckland and hoping to be here a few months, Are there any gatherings still happening?

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Charlie Fox
Charlie Fox

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Posted:The Thursday meeting has dropped off the radar i beleive, but information on the other auckland fire nights HERE smile

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