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Posted:Are there not laws in the states that poisonous chemicals retailed to household but not for consumption are to be in chemical style bottles as opposed to bottle with similar shape to drinks and food?

The tall bottles with childlocks on them are a prime example... I suppose it depends on the state as to what laws apply?

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Posted:tiki torch oil isn't the same as lamp oil (like ultrapure)

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Posted:Hmmm if so it must be different depending on where you are.

Here the stuff they sell for tiki torches is the same as lamp oil except it has citronella oil added to give it a nice smell and keep away mozzies, this kind is also a sort of orange colour(not unlike apple juice).

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Posted:The Tiki Torch Fuel containers have locking caps and are clearly labelled. Even if it is roughly the color of applejuice, ou would not "have to look pretty hard" to find out whether it was toxic, as the meathead from the article claims. If the fact that it smells like impending doom doesn't tip you off to its ineligibility as a refreshment, its greasy texture and viscosity ought to put up a red flag.

And then there's the problem of storing a flammable, toxic substance on the same shelves as your food. It's not like the local grocer stocks the two side by side in a cooler and you could accidentally pick up the wrong one!

I feel bad for the child who now has a lifetime of breathing difficulties ahead of her because someone was too irresponsible to look at what he was pouring into her glass.

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Posted:I once drank vegetable oil by mistake beacuse it was in a green sprite bottle and it was dark

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Posted:My question is how would anyone sallow fuel before they spit it out. Think about it your expecting a nice glass of apple juice and you get lamp fuel. Anyone that has done fire breathing would tell you how bad the stuff tastes.


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