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Posted: Hi, I'm looking for some alternative fuel for Fire Twirling instead of using Kerosene.

As our Fire Spinning community gets bigger n bigger every year, and especially we have high fire restriction law compare to other coutry, it'll be necessary to find out safer fuel which can be found in Japan.

I know most of fire people in Australia tend to use d60 or Firesol not really using kerosene.

I've benn looking for those type of fuel everywhere but can't find suitable one...

closest fuel we have to d60 or firesol is called"Wolfard Lamp Oil(for inside)", and we use them for inside fire performance.
but it costs like over $10 per 500ml (Price of kerosene is around 60c per Litter in Japan) so that's too expensive.

I'm sure soon or later people or society here in japan will start recognize how bad kerosene is, because it's most likely our culture stance.
and worst case I'm so afraid "dangerous act" such as Fire Twirling will be banned...
cannot let it happen..

Also we are very much keen to provide safer fuel in Japan Fire Festival too.
I personally don't want to use kerosene for such big fire festival.

Anyone have suggestion??
Any safer fuel(and hopefully not too expensive) that can be found in Japan too?

Thanks a lot!!


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Posted:I was under the impression that Kerosine (paraffin) was the safest fuel you could get, and other things (such as tiki fuel or lamp oil) where just kerosine with additives to make it easier to light and less smokey. What's so bad about kero?


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Posted: Written by :Rellizate

What's so bad about kero?

Yeah! I get crap whenever i spin with it but i love it. Sure it's smokey, but I love the smell of Kero in the morning.


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Posted:Where do you find kerosene in Japan? I want to get back into my Fire Poi but am not sure where to find it.


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Posted:There's nothing wrong with kero. I get crap too when I use it. Everyone seems to use charcoal lighter fluid. Well now I like to use 1/4 colemans and 3/4 kero because it's not smokey, still cheap, it has a brighter and slightly larger flame, and I don't get soot all over me grin I love the bigger flame and near no soot part. But that stupid oil spill raised kero price from $2.66 to $3.50 a gallon smirk That doesn't affect my choice of fuel, but I still like to complain about it tongue2

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