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I'm new here, and I'm looking for a bit of advise for fire poi

I've been spinning for about 2 years now, and I think it's time to take the plunge and get my first set of fire poi!
Problem is, I have no idea which type to go for

A friend of mine swears by cathedrals, another absolutely hates monkey fists and another uses anything and everything, so I'm completely confused and have no idea what to go for!

I've used fire poi that were similar to the 'mura' poi in the shop here, but I found them bulky, hard to control and all together way too heavy for my tiny frame, probably because they had an oval link chain and were a bit too long for my puny arms

So what would everyone recommend for me?

Im used to using medium weight sock or tail poi
I'm short in height and arm length
And I have no idea what type of head would be best either

I suppose it's trial and error really, but I don't want to spend money on fire poi and find out that I don't like them when they arrive!

Help a girl out biggrin

Phexxie xx

GeoffonTour04SILVER Member
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Best way is to try both really, if possible. I've used some fairly large cathedrals & was impressed by how bright & long they burn for but I think monkeyfists do last a bit longer.

I've used literally hundreds of different heads and I reccommend all kevlar monkeys.

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