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Hi everybody!

I'm a beginner poi spinner, with just some experience. I train mostly with homemade sock poi, and I've been looking for some interesting poi set. Still, i can do moves like 3 beat FW & BW, butterflies, buzzies, a few transitions and the like. I turned my attention on glow/led poi. I found some interesting offer on poipoi - Nightburst MultiGlow LED poi and Globalz LED poi (the strobe one). I think i'm going to order these two poi sets. But here's my question - is that a good idea? Are these sets worth their price? And, if there's any owner of such poi's, would you be so kind to describe these to me? Like what batteries does the Nightburst use, how long does it last, etc. I would be grateful in advance.

GeezaGOLD Member
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From my past experience of poi poi, i say they dont get them!

I had Globalz and they were rubbish, i had them for about 2 days before the beads came out the heads and took them back. I exchanged for poipoi cobra II, these are still lasting but the parts (cords, handles, connectors etc) are not good quality and i have binned all execpt the tennis ball heads and tails.

Go with something off here like rainbow balls or, if you have the money, get some Oggpoi from Alternately buy the triple oggz set and attatch some colecords to 2 of them like i have done.

If you want LED (glowstick style) then get flowpoi or flowpoi duo from flowtoys

Decent quality non stretch socks can be bought from gayle at

When you get better and they arrive on the market hyperlights can be had from These will cost somewhere in the region of 180 and (possibly) be available late July time

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I've searched the forum and found that Globalz seem to be crappy stuff. And now I'm really confused. I don't want to buy Nightburst MultiGlow, coz it may be a waste of money. I was wondering if there's anything in poipoi that's woth attention - what about those "Super Sox", or the strechy sox ? Still, I live outside UK, so it would be great to get things from one shop (shipping costs etc.) I don't want hyperlights yet - but when the time comes, who knows ^^

Any more ideas?

Do Globalz suck that much? I don't need any pro-stuff yet. They have the advantage of being really cheap...

What about those Blazin' Lightstick LED ? (This one) Looks fine, and still cheap. What about those?
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I went to a meet recently with a bunch of the guys and girls from and one of the guys there had some of the stretchy poipoi socks... I'm not normally a fan of stretchy poi but I really enjoyed spinning with them. Personally, I'd prefer them a little less stretchy, but for the price they're very nice socks!

As for glow poi, I think you can guess what I'd recommend wink

Cake or Death?

I've dealt with poi poi, and find them a horrible company. All the stuff bought from them fell apart (2 staves & 3 sets of fire poi) within 4 months. The owner isn't too nice either... :-/

I say stay clear of them.

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Yeah my globalls fell apart (and also a friends are), and i just use them as paper weights now, I would definately go for something from homeofpoi, or flowlights. i dont really want to go anywhere else but here and flowlights (although i dont have any experience with them).

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I am also a newbie, and went to get my first poi set (i made my practice on out of squash balls and split pins...worked well but stings like a B!!!)

I got the blow balls in the bag....less than impressed. They are heavy and bulky (maybe its just me, cause im use to the squash balls). Pretty colours though!

I am going DIY again, and making my own led poi (from those kiddies toys you buy cheap that have the led lights that flash and similar material bags to what i bought, but only smaller)

Im advice...dont get the glow balls!

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Depends what you're after and what sort of spinning you want to do: the led glow balls sold here weigh 160g a pair, mosts fire heads weigh more than that. They quote 150 g a pair for the weka, 300g for the cathedral heads and 370g for the monkey fist.

I use the glow balls on a cord most of the time, lycra socks when I'm learning wraps.

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