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philisweatlyphilisweatlySILVER Member
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hey everyone. hope you are all having a great month of may. anywho, I got some awesome jailhouse sock poi with the soft glow LED balls in it for my birthday on the 7th. I just noticed two days ago that the bottoms of them are tearing. badly. they hav not been thrown or been scraping the ground. only hitting my head and legs and the occasional groin smack. I am really sad my toys are falling apart so soon. has this happened to anyone else with the poi I have.



Loki_the_tricksterLoki_the_tricksterSILVER Member
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Hmmmmm my poi that I got from HoP lasted me for a year and a half and that was with heavy abuse. They were the same fabric as the ones that are the jailhouse pattern, mine were the white ones. I'd send them a message, I had a problem once with a different product and they took great care of me wink

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ElectricBlueElectricBlueGOLD Member
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Mine are fine and they have taken fair beating.

How about you send the shop people a message and get it sorted out with them as this board is kind of a seperate entity to the shop so they may not see this here.
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animatEdanimatEdBRONZE Member
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do you mean tearing, as in ripping open at the seams, or more like the material is wearing a bit thin in places, making holes?

The material is Lycra. When the poi heads hit together, it's gonna wear the material away. Mine do it too, but only when the balls I put in them are hard or rubbery. but something softer in them when you're using them in daylight, and I reckon you'll be fine smile

With the hard/rubbery balls, the friction is greater as the two heads hit, or even if they hit anything else. The material is gripped by the rubbery/grippy surface, and it's like taking a piece of sandpaper to it. one drop will do it. you telling me in three weeks, you've treated them as if they were made of glass? wink

I don't suggest sending them back, because, whilst HoP are lovely people, you kinda broke them yourself with regular use, and well, they're quite cheap to order a pair of replacement socks. I recommend using them until they really give up the ghost, or just buy a pair of replacement socks, and put something softer and less grippy in them when you're not actually using the glow. I've had a pair of those poi for almost three years now. A few holes, but still work great. smile

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ElectricBlueElectricBlueGOLD Member
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Yup, also if it isn't any thing major then you or a sewing savy friend could probably just get a needle and thread and stich up the bit of the seam that has come apart.

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PelePeleBRONZE Member
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I have several pairs so that they can be used in out "play area" and anyone can use them. I also have my own set, for well over a year.
They take massive beatings (I admit) and are still fine.

That being said, I do agree that you should contact the HoP shop as they are the ones who will be more equipped to help you, and they are *wonderful* about such things.

I have sent this thread to the guys in the shop so that they will be garunteed to see it and you can get the help you are seeking.

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Kombi guyKombi guyBRONZE Member
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Hey Phil, Im pretty sure Ive been emailing you in regards to the damaged sock poi but if it was a different Phil simply drop me an email at HOP central and I will help ya out with this.......

Our sock poi are a Nylon/polyester composition so there is no Lycra in the mix. Some people choose to use Lycra but we found that the Nylon/polyester blend doesnt loose its stretch as much as Lycra...... We tried Lycra for awhile but then changed a few years ago.

Hope that helps
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