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GeezaGOLD Member
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Its not really a problem but its been annoying me ever since i used the forums.

I never remember a password because i am usually not on a pc that is mine. So i read threads then reply to them if i want to.

On a normal forum there is a button to reply that then asks the user to login, you enter login details and post your reply. All is gravy

On here there is no post reply button, instead you use the quick login that directs you to your profile page (which i never use) From there i have to press main index and search for the thread again. This is annoying as often i will look through many threads/pages and not remember which one i last looked at.

Is there a way to direct the quick login back to the thread you were looking at instead of the profile page? If i wanted to see my profile i would click the 'My home' link at the top


Well, as i'm not the coder of this forum there is obviously no way in which I would no this for cetain, but I used to code forums and yes there is a way, but it would require coding a whole new quick login script along with a redirect to previous page type thing.

Possible, but timey. Worth it?

GeezaGOLD Member
694 posts
Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

I think a lot of forums work in sort of the same way. Or at least a lot seem to work the same but just use a slightly different layout, colours etc

Is it 'vbulletin' that a lot of forums use?

Sorry homeofpoi designers, the shop and lessons are great but the forum seems to run off a backbone of a year 2000 forum. Sure its great, free and reasonably easy to use but so are thousands of other forums

Fire_MooseSILVER Member
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....I don;t know about any one else but i think this is one of the best designed forums, when there are new replies to a topic, it takes me RIGHT to the new ones....that alone is worth every other in conveinience smile


Owned by Mynci!

RicheeBRONZE Member
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There is such a setting, somewhere in your preference,
to ! to go to 'Home', but 'Forum' instead.

Home -> Preferences -> Logging ..

I understand you,



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Alternatively, you can find the post, login, then press "back" until you are back on the thread you want to post in, then refresh the page and you will be looking at the topic you want to post in, and you will be logged in too.

HOP still has one of the best designed forums that I have ever seen or had the pleasure of using. The feature of taking people straight to the earliest new post is pure awesomeness.

ElectricBlueGOLD Member
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Yup thats what i do log in then back back back.
It works great.

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