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Posted:So the Flowers competition has closed and congratulations to Asikane for his winning entry. Anyone who was checking the results early this morning might be forgiven for thinking that he wasn't the original winner, but a recount on votes found several thousand votes had been cast from the same user account (somehow - because the code checks for that). These 'illegal' votes were removed from all entries and the places now shown are the final places.

So now we announce the next competition to get your creative juices flowing - the Best Jump Move. This one is by request - we had several people suggest it to us and we thought it was a great idea so here it is. It should give everyone plenty of scope.
bounce bounce2 bounce bounce2

The idea is that the photo must show someone doing object manipulation arts in mid jump. Bungy jump, parachute jump, or just a simple jump up off the ground - as long as the object manipulation arts are being practised during the jump then it's valid - yes Durbs - even balancing an acrylic on your head - I'd like to see you do that while you're bungy jumping!! ubblol

So go to it!

But BE CAREFUL - we don't want to hear about people breaking themselves or others or stuff while trying to get that winning photo! Standard disclaiming small print will apply in this event!

Waits for all the "but does it mean..." questions... ;-)
bounce bounce2 bounce bounce2

Written by: Doc Lightning talking about Marmite in Kichi's Intro thread

I have several large jars of the stuff. I actually like it... a little. And don't tell anyone I admitted to it.

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Posted:Does my pho... oh wait, you've covered that wink

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Posted:oh my this looks fun biggrin

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Posted:This comp is going to produce some freaking awesome photos, I can't wait.


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