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ReivaXGOLD Member
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what is a proper way to do that? hitting them on the ground would actually shorten the life of the poi, wouldn't it?

RicheeBRONZE Member
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Stop both Poi, lay them on safe fire resistant ground,

and use watery blanket to cover the wicks.

Where you direct the flames with the blanket, in the

'out of the body' way. This should be enough.


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MuckySILVER Member
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Yep, like Richee said, smother them with a damp (not dripping) towel or blanket, pushing the flames away from your body. Don't strike them on the ground, as this may damage your poi and can be dangerous to you or a bystander. It may go out while you're spinning, but try not to spin the fire out on purpose as smoldering will damage the wick and shorten its life.

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ReivaXGOLD Member
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Location: Australia

thanks guys... actually i've been playing tonight, for the fist time with fire, and Oh god, that was so awesome. there was actually another girl at the beach around the fire ith fire poi and we spinned together while another guy was playing drum! magic, love fire poi, anoter dimension of this poi world!2
LOVE it!

newgabeSILVER Member
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Reivax,,,, Never ever ever ever spin fire without a damp towel handy. Or a few. No matter how good you get. In a tangle, you want them OUT. Get in the habit of taking them with you and laying them out before you spin. Point them out to other people cos theres a lot of fey hippies out there who don;t think ahead.

I think the easiest way is have the towel on the ground, slip the poi off your hands and place them on the towel, fold the towel over them completely and wait a while. Be aware that metal is still hot... that's when people can get burnt too. Better still is place the poi on the towel and someone else fold the towel.. a safety person. Very good things, safety people.

Also do some research on spin off jars or cans to get rid of excess fuel before you light up . Go to the magnificent Nick Woolsey's site. He is something like God and I'm sure there is a demo of making one there. Even if you don;t find it you will find a wonderful site that will tell you SO much about poi and how to use it for the good life


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FearpigSILVER Member
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One bit of advice I would add is don't use a fire blanket!

Sounds odd but they are only intended to be used once after several uses they can even become flamable... you're much better off with a damp towel.

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georgemcBRONZE Member
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 Written by :Fearpig

One bit of advice I would add is don't use a fire blanket!

Yes! Fire blankets are designed for use when PEOPLE are on fire. The materials are specifically chosen and woven so as not to stick to burning human flesh and tear off skin when used. Don't wreck them by using them on your firetoys!

Damp towels for fire toys. Fire blanket in the really unfortunate event of a person catching fire.

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Oh crap really? Looks like i'm gonna need a new fireblanket then... Damn.

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