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Okay... so i've been making my own cathedral heads for a while now. Honestly, I'm a little bored with it and I'd like to make a pair of moonblaze heads because I like their burn better anyway.

However, I can't seem to find any information on how these heads are folded. I'm really hoping that I'm just over looking some obvious information and that someone would be willing to point it out to me.

Please help.
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erm... I know I can't speak for everyone, but as the moonblaze wicks are a creation of Flame Aeterna it may be (read, probably is) considered bad taste to discuss their construction on another fire poi selling site such as HoP.

Just throwing that out hug

To do: More Firedrums 08 video?

Wildfire/US East coast fire footage

LA/EDC glow/fire footage

Fresno fire

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This thread has been close. While cathedrals, core,
rope, etc... have all been common place and widely
accepted, we can not support the reverse-engineering
of a uniquely created wick.
Thank you for your participation in the HoP bb and we
hope to see you in other threads.
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