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Posted:er. um... yeah. sebastian and i did a road trip in the highlands of scotland and came out with a heap of nice footage. here is the first of a few different vids to come out biggrin

Holistic Spinner (I hope)


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Posted:Er, umm, yea nice wink

I always like it when decent spinners colaborate. more please smile

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Posted:much better than the edit I saw before.

Nice one dude. Now come visit me.

EDIT: Just watched it with the music... Beautiful. Blogged.

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Posted:yeah , i love all,
this is pratically perfect,
and i go to start try, the milsmess ...
and the "axe shoot" (?*) too
thank you so ubblove

sound and light for all


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Posted:great setting and manipulating: nice biggrin

Because ActiveAngel sounds like a feminine deodorant

Like sex, I'm much more interesting in real life than online.

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Posted:Mmm, quality.





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