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ImbalanceGOLD Member
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Hello all. I just submitted the following to HOP's suggest a product link and thought I'd post here so see your thoughts on these ideas.

1) Kevlar Sleeves! So many places sell these but NONE have what I'm looking for. I recently got a pair similar to these: but they are only 18inches. I'd love to find some that go up to my shoulder so that I can easily do bicep wraps and such without smelling like burnt toast (hairy arms = no fun and no I'm not gonna shave em). Plus they look cool. I know there's other people out there like me who want this, I've spoken to many a spinner about this and everyone likes the idea or suggests i make my own (i do NOT sow). Of course you'd need black, not the yellow kevlar color. Improvements/options could include sown in designs either through texture differences, color, raised patterns, or integrated UV thread for blacklight fun.

2) wooden ball handle changes: Just got a pair on some new poi. Love the new cone poi but the wooden handles are too light for my tastes. I'll still use them of course but some options with different (heavier) woods would be great. Additionally having a longer eyebolt would help for people with fat fingers like mine who don't want to be scraped by the curved over edge. Finally, RUBBER. having a rubberized outer shell would be great for grip and help give a nice "smack" in the hand when you do throws. This would also aid in comfort. I got some of that liquid dip rubber from the hardware store for mine and it works great and feels good. It comes in many colors also (so great for visibility).

3) OGGZ Poi. and trickconcepts both sell these with different attachment methods. These are great poi, i have some. Put these on some colecord, add some leather handles and you have an awesome glow toy! There's also a battery powered version of these out there called Eggz i believe. These would also work well in some fabric socks.

4) Palm Torches. Lot of places have these but everyone makes the girly cup style kind you have to grab onto, or the ones with the brass knuckle style grip which puts them to far out on your fingers. If you manufactured some with a middle or ring finger loop and a secure mid-palm loop (so if you look at your palm you have a upside down Y) making a secure 3 point stand. This design is great for open hand work, wick can be made in different sizes and would attach to a metal wire/rod sticks up from mid palm (center of the Y). I was always a glowsticker at heart and I've been trying to get something like this for years to do some of the same kind of movements and dance. I've made similar designs from wire hangers and such and they work very well. If you integrate a leather strap for the back of the hand and for the finger loop you get comfort and adjustability!

5) Flags with a pocket alongside of or in front of the Chain for inserting glowsticks (or flowlights) to enhance UV light use. Have done similar things in the past and its a great effect, the light brightens everything and the flag draws out the motion. Couple this with some reflective flag materials or tape and you have quite a show.

6) Hybrid Wicks! basically a box made from 2 or 4 inch kevlar with cotton stuffing inside. Some other places have these, a buddy made some for me. There are some design flaws (having to sow up at least 1 edge to make them) but these can be overcome with heavier thread or double stitched seams. So much fuel, a long burn, and a great feel to them in the same size package as a cathedral. These would actually be cheaper to make than cathedrals as there's less kevlar used. Labor costs may differ though.

7) Dai's Buugeng (S-Staff). as seen on the HOP library. Add Dai's design coupled with HOP quality and great shipping times plus a wider variety of colors equals happy customers! I'd also love to see some non folding metal versions (similar to michael moschen's) or at least where the handle folds flush so from the side it's one smooth piece and not 2 offset pieces. Kevlar rope can be added in running up the inside or outside (both?) of the curve for great effects.

8) I'm sure you've heard this before, FIRE SWORDS. There's many kinds out there, but they all have flaws. There's a couple designs I have in mind that would work well and be very pretty. Style A) metal rod covered in kevlar/rope/hybrid etc. Protected handle, Handle would be just under 2 hands long with a knob at bottom for club swinging type moves. Also great if 2 swords can be attached at the bottom to make one long staff (Darth Maul style). and Style B) imagine a classic (conan the barbarian style) broad sword. The outer edge would be defined by a shaped metal rod forming the sword type shape and strung from the point down to the handle would be a kevlar rope (straight line or braided or knotted) I've put together something similar and it looks awesome the metal edge defines the shape visually and actually adds to the effect by helping airflow and giving directionality. Design drawings available.

9) Titanium flake. You've seen this sprinkled on poi I'm sure. Gives awesome effect of sparks flying off but without worry of hurting the crowd. Be great to have a place to get it from like HOP.

10) HOP designed fuel cans and spin off cans. I'd love to have some hop art on my can. Not to mention there's so many improvements you can make to the typical paint can, a pluggable spout for pouring/funneling. Screw on tops etc. For a spin off can there's so many options. the best I've seen/made for poi is basically a big peanut butter jar, take off the lid and cut a slit in it so you can slide it onto your chains then screw back onto the jar trapping the poi head inside. Spin like mad, unscrew lid and pour out excess fuel. Can be small, portable and easy to make. Add some HOP artwork/logos or just basic designs and you have a great simple product we can all use (and save fuel with!)

hope that's not too much. I don't have time to manufacture this kind of stuff nor the ability to do so. It'd be great to have a place to purchase the kind of stuff I describe above. Here's to hoping HOP likes the ideas! biggrin

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SkattoGOLD Member
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Kevlar Sleeves... that's pretty clever. Never even crossed my mind.

I relish the smell of singed arm hair though. wink


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fanged_angelBRONZE Member
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those kevlar sleeves are all kinds of cool, HoP ones would be incredibal! as for titanium flake i had a look into it and theres all sorts of laws about the import and export of titanium, lots of red tpe to go thru.

what i would really like to see is HoP bags that are designed for spinners, with a camel pack style pouch for carrying fuel in, a waterproof and smell proof lining on the inside of the bag for obvious reasons and if they could make it about 4 foot long so people could fit devil sticks, short staffs and juggling clubs etc in that would be a bouns. And if the side pockets are waterproof aswell then they can be used to soak poi in. oh and of course a HoP logo so i could show off, wow im on a roll today... to bad i cant write this much on my coursework....

CharlesBRONZE Member
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Leather is better than kevlar, for protection and ease of accessibility...

In my opinion... :-)

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Fire_MooseSILVER Member
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flamma has some of those sleeves....


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GeoffonTour04SILVER Member
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surely a thick cotton shirt would do? I spin in a hoodie & it never really burns, even after lots of wraps.

Rest of it, sounds good especially those curved staff things, might be time to learn a bit of double staff.

ImbalanceGOLD Member
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yeah i saw the ones on flamma. They are also overpriced. I got a pair from a company called PalmFlex i found by google digging, $10 less. Still though, these are just elbow length, I'm really looking for something up to near shoulder. May have to go with a 2 piece deal.

yea a cotton shirt works, I have a few that I use now. However they aren't skin tight, and it'd be nice to get away from the "Hobo spinning fire" look ya know?

I did get a response regarding the sleeves, here it is from George:

 Written by

We have ruled out the Kevlar sleeves though - the reason we don't want to make these available is that we believe they encourage a false sense of security. Any fire resistant material used to protect one from fire such as Kevlar wick gloves or armbands etc will absorb fuel from the toy being used and can sooner or later become a wick of it's own and catch on fire. When this occurs, the 'protective' device will be almost impossible to get off quickly and the risk of burns is very real. For this reason we prefer not to encourage this possible situation by making these items available. I hope you can understand about this position.

I can understand this point of view, though I don't agree with it. By the same token wearing a favorite cotton shirt or even your hoodie would be prone to the same problem. I really think it's all in how you present it. It's not "protective fire gear" its a decorative arm covering to deflect heat... such as from hot chains... which is exactly the reason i want it. To keep the hair from singing off and smelling and to absorb heat for the split second the chains wrap around me...much as I love the patterned red marks they do get annoying to explain at work. But obviously the HOP crew has made their decision and I respect that.
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_Poiboy_PLATINUM Member
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I also think HOP should stock S staffs and Buugeng (in different colors, even in plain wood and metal)

palm torches would be awesome too smile

squidBRONZE Member
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I like the suggestions for the wooden ball handles. I made some myself and found they sting a little on catches and can be a tad slippery.

I found a wooden ball with a flat end and hole on one side at a craft shop. I think it was used for doll heads. Anyways, I drilled through the hole to the other side so I could slip an eyebolt all the way through. On the flat side, I added a couple of steel washers to add some more weight and its great.

All it needs now is that rubberized coating to soften the impact.

those sleeves on Flamma Aeterna are much longer than the images suggest. I have some and they come up to mid-bicep on me (though Im not the most towering of fellas)

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FireMeccaBRONZE Member
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To reply to Imbalance, and make some clarifications and comparisons:

1. We don't consider our Kevlar sleeves over-priced (though you can probably find them cheaper on the web somewhere). They are name-brand, and they are 2 inches longer than the Mechanix gloves (ours are 19 inches long), and we carry them because customers have almost always wanted the longest they could get. We think it is worth the extra $10; you're going to buy them once, love them, and only buy them again because some jealous performer nicked them from you or you want to treat your significant other smile.

2. I agree with you, Imbalance, on the usefulness of Kelvar sleeves. People who are going to protect their arms are going to use something, right? If it is a long-sleeved cotton shirt, it is still something that will absorb fuels. Charles mentioned leather, which should protect more, but is not an easy option for some people (I have a vegetarian performer who will not wear leather).

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