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Hey all,

I did a search on London but most threads seem to be from 2003 or earlier; did we have a poi meteor come and wipe out all the spinners sometime since?

Anyhoo, I'm a complete beginner. I don't own anything, have never spun before, but am very keen after seeing some amazing things in Aus this winter. Where can I get started meeting people in London, learning skills, and just all round having a good time?

Happy Spinning!

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Oh there are *so* many poi/juggling meets in London...where to start?

Monday Nights:- UCL (which is currently not on as far as I
know due to uni holiday), but there is also circus space on a monday. .. which i should know more info about but don't. The Circus Space is still a little 'behind' in poi in their Juggling club so probably not best for just poi spinners.

Tuesday - The Rag Factory [Old link]

Wednesday - Camden Juggling meets, also have poi spinners. Really nice and friendly. PM me for details and directions if you want

Thursdays - Jacksons Lane in Highgate - again some poi spinners there, PM again for details

Fridays - Synergy spinners - [Old link]

There we go - one for each day. And when it gets warmer there are also Clapham Meets on Sundays.


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