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Posted:Just wanted to let everyone know about a volunteer project that is currently happening in Pisco, Peru. An 8.0 earthquake devastated the local area last August, 500 people lost their lives and over 80% of all the buildings were damaged or completely destroyed.

Burners without Borders have set up camp here in Pisco to try and help with general reconstruction in the area. Projects so far have included schools, houses, and the building and regeneration of community spaces. Burners are a grass roots volunteer based organisation. You don't have to pay to volunteer, although a small contribution is collected to cover food and rent. You don't need any special skills, just the willingness to work hard and muck in.

If anyone is interested in volunteering or knows anyone that might be, then check out the Burners website which has info about the work being carried out and all the info you need if you want to volunteer.

There are currently about 40 volunteers here and its a great project to be a part of - especially if you fancy a break from being on the road in South America. If anyone wants any extra info please feel free to message me.

Lastly funds are desperately needed so if you can donate to help pay for materials to fund future projects then follow the links on the website.

Thanx all ubblove

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