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Posted:I live in toronto and i want to learn the fire arts like poi, fir breathing,fire stave or fire spinning. I have been trying to find classes with no luck. Is there any classes or people willing to teach me?!??....I have been wanting to learn for a while but angain with no luck....sadly.

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Posted:I dunno about poi classes or syuch in Toronto, but I know there are some spinners near Guelph.

I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure.

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I am a fire twirler and live right in the GTA. I too haven't really found any others like me or willing to explore fire further. I'm a 21 yr old female from Regina Saskatchewan originally and have been spinning for 6 yrs. Send me a PM and tell me about yourself!!! smile




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Posted:Do you know anyone who would be willing to teach me to spin poi? It would make me so happy to finally find someone.
Im in downtown toronto, 24, female and originally from BC.



Posted:I don't really know about any poi teachers here, but I would be willing to teach you or anyone that wants to learn really, the art of staff twirling which I've been doing solid for the last 6 years... I'm also a poi beginner, but I find that another great way to learn is by using the online video tutorials on this website, they are fantastic!!!

I'm looking for some funky Toronto ladies interested in learning or that have already mastered the fire arts to form a troupe in the near future, and I will train a whole new group of beginners if I have to... smile



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I'm in Brampton, ON. I don't know how much of a teacher I could be... I certainly wouldn't mind helping ppl with the poi basics though. *g*

Feel free to PM me

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Posted:I've been looking for some instruction on poi, too. I'm female, 18 living just outside of Toronto.


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Posted:Hey Toronton-ians wink

I'll be up in the big TO this coming Saturday, June 7th.

If you want to meet up in a park or some such, we'd love to chill, hang and exchange.

PM me so we can set something up

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Posted:Hello lost spinners of Toronto!

I'm out from the UK for the next few months and was hoping someone could point me in the direction of the fire folk...
I'm a staff spinner in need of wick so I'd also be interested in any juggling shops/Spinning centers that could hook me up in the greater T.O area.


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