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I'm really interested in starting a Poi club of some sort in Caerphilly.

The public can access the large grassy area at the back of the Caerphilly Castle and I was thinking that it would be an excellent place to do some Poi-ing! And if we're outside, it might spur some passers by to join us...

What do you think?

I'm not very good at Poi at all and it would be good to get some people who have a bit of an idea coming along.... Maybe it would be something that could run for 6 weeks or so, now that the nights and longer and the weather is getting better.... Maybe we should think about something around the school holidays......? Wednesdays tend to be quite boring.... 6 Wednesdays in June/July/August...?

If there's anyone out there interested or who lives close by who would be up for being a part of something like this, then please do let me know!!!

Maybe we could extend it to Poi and Circus skills if there are enough interested parties with those skills....I don't know....just typing out loud!!!!!

Does anyone know where we would stand on insurane, CRB checks etc etc etc???? Maybe it would be an idea to sound the Local Authority out on this one....

I'm on honeymoon for 3 weeks, so I'll be interested in reading your feedback when I get back!

juggle weavesmiley

Red Raven Wellbeing Centre
9 Clive Street, Caerphilly. CF83 1GE
07757 057 157

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