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This is entirely unrelated to circus arts beyond the fact I spin but theres been other topics in here just as unrelated so hopefully it's ok.

In two weeks my dissertation on flexible working arrangements for my Business degree is due, which really gives me about one week to complete primary research for it. As such I am falling back on the "throw a questionnaire at as many people as possible in any way possible" approach in the hope lots of people who work in England fill in a questionnaire for me, please do! It only takes a few minutes and you don't have to register or anything.

If you could also bully, bribe, blackmail or beg everyone else you know who works somewhere in England that would also be incredibly helpful.

There are two versions of the questionnaire, the one for employees (the vast majority) is here:

If anyone is a manager and thus in someway responsible for flexible working arrangements within their organisation could you please also fill in this questionnaire (If people can force any you know into filling one in that would be great to):

Thank you muchly for anyone who replys, no one will be identified when responding and I apologise for all the writing before the questionnaire begins but University regulations tell me I have to have it there.

If you notice anything wrong just yell at me in some form and I'll fix it. The site only allows a limited number of responses so if any fill up I'll replace the links above at that time. If the above link for the employee survey stops working please move on to this one:

Apparently the site would rather advertise than show the final message after completing the questionnaire so I'll add here:


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Done smile

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Tried both of the employees links and they stop at question 16...?

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