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Location: Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
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Posted:i'm going to be venturing across the pond pretty soon, i'm of course going to philadelphia PA, sinking springs to be exact, i'm willing to travel to meet object manipulators/lovely people!

i arrive in phili on the 15th of april

so who's out there?

I like Languages.

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Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
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Posted:I'm not in Philly. I'm actually in Central NJ, which is like a two hour ride. However, if you find anything going, I'd be more than willing to make the drive.


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Member Since: 4th Apr 2008
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Posted:i'm in philly, usually lol


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Location: Macungie, PA, USA
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Posted:I'm slightly west of Allentown, about an hour north of Philadelphia - I don't know Sinking Springs in the Philly area (I don't head down that way very often), but there's a Sinking Spring in Reading, in Berks County, which is even closer to me.

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Posted:I'm in Lansdale, in between philly and allentown.

I dont think there is a sinking springs in philly. Maybe an hour outside of philly but not in.

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Member Since: 5th Jan 2008
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Posted:Hey Philly / NJ folks!

I do a lot of visiting to the Philly/central NJ area. I have family there and try to go up once a month or so. Are there any regular meets in the area? Are they ever on a weekend? I'd seriously like to meet up with some people at some point. It looks like I may be skipping June for visits but will be making at least a weekend in July.


Location: Philadelphia, PA
Member Since: 29th Oct 2006
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Posted:Can anybody tell me about fire jams or poi spinners/ gatherings in the Philadelphia area? Or along "The Main Line" of Pennsylvania, specifically Overbrook, Ardmore, Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Devon, Wayne, Paoli? I'm lonely!

This is for April and beyond, 2010.

Also craving: ecstatic dance, hoop jam (hula hoop), circus, interpretative dance. ~ Thanks, Tina (Celtdancer)


Location: Hicksville, New York, USA
Member Since: 15th Sep 2008
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Posted:Not sure about Poi jams, but there is a juggling fest (toss juggling, contact, poi, rope dart, whatever!) in Philly in the fall. It's called Philly Fest if you want to keep an eye out for it... I think it's usually around October though.

Aside from that not sure, I'm from NY myself.


Location: new jersey
Member Since: 22nd Jun 2009
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Posted:quite sadly ive only come across the same philly fest is pretty much the only thing. there is a juggling group that meets in philly i forget how often but that would be of no good for a fire spinner. im actually trying to move to philly and i spin so if youd be down to meet up sometime let me know. the only other thing i can think of is try going to some of the music fests around the area throughout the year to find people.


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Location: Upstate New York
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Posted:Im from NY but I have seen some really good shows in philly. I would drive down there to meet people....

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