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Posted:Hi all, first post here.
I've decided on purchasing my first fire poi set after spinning with friends a few times (using home made sets so I'm not really sure what they were, light though) I was wondering what people's experiences were doing wraps (leg and arm) with ball chain and link chain?
I usually wear fire resistant clothes while spinning but wondered about burns from chains as well, I'm looking at these two sets but am open to any other suggestions:
2 inch Oval Twist Weka
2.5 inch Mura (Ball chain)

Also moving from glow stick poi, but comfortable with 2 and 3 times the weight on either side, any recommendations on weight from other people who moved from glow sticks would be nice.

Thanks, hoping to place my order tomorrow! biggrin
- kaik

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Posted:ball chain is heavier, but I think it's better for airwraps etc because it moves more freely.

oval link is stronger, and stays slightly cooler because it has greater surface area (but still gets more than hot enough to cause burns)

I prefer oval but that's probably just because I've always used it, try them both if possible.

PS there are many threads on this, try searching


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Posted:On the glow stick thing.. I used to do that back in my raver days, then quit that scene, and several years later started spinning poi.

We went and bought some glowsticks for fun once to spin, very difficult due to how light they where. I find the heavy poi are much easier to control and think you will find the same thing.

As for chain, thats a personal choice, I have always used ball chain and loved it.

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Posted:Ball chain is my preference

At the end of the day it's just your choice and you should go with whatever feels more comfortable.

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Posted:Oval. I like to feel that my chain won't fly apart mid-spin. smile


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Posted:My first and only fire poi is oval with monkeyfists.

My view that if i get good with them, other sets in future will be easier to use


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Posted:Monkey fists arent what I would recomend learning with *ouch*. Personaly I have allways hated the ball chain. I heard they harbor fuel inside the links. Anyway when it come to wraps take it from me... wear protection-something with thumb holes. Even with long sleeve shirts they can creep back. The metal on the wichs will give you an instant (lasting) burn. You can allso have little kevlar covers that you dip in water and slide down the chain to cover the exposed metal if you dont want to wear protection, but it is still slightly burns.


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