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Posted:I bought a set of cathedral heads from luxotica, and they are pretty loose. When I make them I get them as tight as possible.

Having them loose affects how much gas leaves the heads, right? Doesn't the flexing of the edges degrade them faster?

Pretty much, in your general opinion would you rather have tighter wrapped heads or looser ones?

I tried to email luxotica about it..but no response. And, its been 4 days.

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Posted:I do staff and after a while the wicks become loose and frayed, Sometimes i will take the whole wick off, turn it around and rewick it that way, other times i will just take out teh screws and tighted the wick and pout them back in, A tighter wick will hold fuel better and keep the burn times fairly close.



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Posted:Yeah. Tube core are nice like that. I love huge sheets of flame that only wrapping a staff can produce.

I do that as well. I just recently started doing poi chains. And, I'm not to sure about cathedral heads.

I do know the ones I bought are not any where close to being NAFAA approved. She used regular split chains on them!