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Posted:So I've only been doing staff a very small amount... meaning a few collective hours. But here is a video... be gentle! Thought maybe someone could check it out and give me a few hints or whatever they please.

Didnt really catch the music so it looks like im dancing to nothing. But anyways... here ya go!

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Posted:I would say...

work on your planes: try to keep the momentum of the staff going - I'd suggest working on staff fountains to help with that, it'll give you lots of practise at the change between a side on weave with btb and over the head.

just keep practising and you'll get there smile

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Posted:Yeah Im working on that... I just moved into a house that has high enough ceilings and enough space to practice inside. Its too cold outside smile

But yeah I suck.... Ill keep practicing smile

thanks for the tips!


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Posted:Honestly, you'll be doing that for about 2 weeks. Then after that you don't lok as silly, heh. I saw a pass that you did a couple of times, that i used to do, just recently got out of the habit, it's a pass behind your back that goes FROM verticle TO horizontal, instead of doing that (because you will make a habit out of it) try passing behind your head. The 2 BTB passes are either high pass or low pass. A good way to build those passing skills is to do pinwheels (http://mcp.tepookatoys.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=135&Itemid=31).


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Posted:Yeah the passes Im REALLY shaky on... as Im doing it it doesnt really feel right so Im working on that. I know Ill look lame until I practice, but I have hardly practiced at all and sometimes Im totally in the "zone" and can do things I couldnt do but if I concentrate on doing it... cant do it again. So Im trying to take notice of the feel of the staff and my movements and when I notice myself doing something, keep that rhythm going without trying to concentrate too hard on repeating the movement... just let it come naturally.

But thanks for the tips... I will definitely work on that! Give me a few weeks and then Ill do another video to show my progress smile