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Location: Bozeman, Montana

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Posted:Any spinners in Montana? Particularly Bozeman? I moved to Bozeman about 7 months ago and still haven't found any fellow spinners. Its getting lonely out here. I had plenty of people to spin with back in Vermont, but it seems no one in Montana has discovered Poi yet. I miss being able to share moves with people and learn from other peoples styles. There has to be SOMEONE in Bozeman that spins!

I've decided that if by this spring I still don't have anyone to spin with I'm gonna start spinning fire in all the local parks. That aught to at least get some people interested. Or I might just have to find somewhere in Bozeman to do a little street performing...hmmm now thers an idea.

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faith enfire
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faith enfire

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Posted:Oh I loved it there. I had a friend live there for a year or so and I came out for Christmas.
Make sure you go to a hockey game or two

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