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Posted:Have you heard of blackle? well givle is similar except it gives all the proceeds to a charity that I have recently become involved with. They have just started a push to get it dugg as much as possible in the next 12-24 hrs in order to get it on the digg home page. If your into helping out charities put dont have much $$$ then this is a great way to make a difference smile

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Do you use Google or any other Internet search engine? Did you know that you could help save the environment and donate to charity everyday for FREE, with only a couple of clicks today?

All you have to do is use instead! It's powered by Google so you get the same results. It has a black background which saves power and it donates 100% of revenue to charity! Click the link and set it to your homepage now.

Want to make a Real difference?

All you have to do is click on this link:
and then click the "Digg this" icon on the left. You'll have to login or if you're not a member, join up (for Free) and it'll accept your rating. Don't worry is spam safe.

If the story about gets about 400 ratings it'll get to the front page. Anything that gets to the front page of can get over a million hits! That means a lots of money for charity!

Oh yeah, and set your mum's home page to as well - We set our mum's already!

My Sincere thanks for your help.

David Bacon
Carpets for Communities (Cambodia)
Email: davidbacon AT carpetsforcommunities Dot org
Mobile: +61 (0)424 511 155

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