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Dear members of Home of Poi, is a community of independent freestyle nunchaku artists from around the world, of all ages and ability.

The nunchaku is an instrument that yearns for manipulation-- its flexibility gives it versatility, its difficulty in mastery makes it a worthy challenge-- and it is only natural that we are engaged in its evolution.

Over the last two years we've seen dozens of influences taken onboard, hundreds of new moves demonstrated, and several unique and original styles have developed.

We're currently running our most ambitious showcase tournament yet...


We have 41 video entries from 17 different countries.
The best freestyle nunchaku artists in the world.

The Champion will be decided by rounds of voting over the coming four weeks.

First we have 8 groups, whittling the field down to the best 16 entries.
Then we do 1 vs 1 knock-out matches, until only our Champion remains.

Everyone involved has done fantastically, and they've produced some of the best nunchaku videos we've ever seen.

You can watch all the videos for free on youtube (search "freestyle nunchaku world cup".
You can follow the World Cup for free at the forum -
And you can vote for your favourites, for free.
It only takes a minute to sign-up.

If, after you've watched some World Cup videos, you're interested in learning some freestyle nunchaku yourself - we've got hundreds of tutorial videos to help you get started -

I think this is going to be a lot of fun.
I hope you enjoy what we do!

We really want to know what the poi community thinks of freestyle nunchaku styles, so...
Please come and vote!

-The Freestyle Team.

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