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Posted:So my mom called me last week in a big tizzy. She lost her passport just before a trip to Mexico (she found it) and then she lost her mobile phone (she found it). She's also been misplacing other stuff.

Now, my mom never loses anything. Ever.

Except she seems to now. She also, in conversations with my family, has been starting to forget things she's just been told. And she's been in two pretty bad car accidents in the last 3 years. In one she rolled the car on an exit ramp from the freeway and in the other she rear-ended a semi-truck.

So I talked with her about it last week and she's very resistant to the idea of going to her neurologist. I know this is very normal behavior. I also spoke to her neurologist (she has one because she has migraines) and he's concerned and wants to see her.

Anyone dealt with this? How do you get a parent in to the neurologist when she thinks she's totally fine?

-Mike )'(
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Posted:hello doc!

my dad didnt want to go to do an endoscopy as a preventive medical checkup.......we told him and asked him to go there for about three years before he went there!

my mom told him that if he finally goes there and gets himself checked she would do something for him he always wanted her to do and never did so far!( she wanted to get him checked all the time - she used to be a nurse)

so he went to the doctor.....and we are so grateful for that cause they found several adenoids which they took out and sampled his (dermal) tissue - hopefully it's gonna be benign (good-natured)! my tip, even though every person is differnt, but my dad is extremely stubborn, try to offer her what my mum did:

she is going to do sth for you what you wish and want of her and you are going to do sth for her what she always wanted you to do -...and tell her that even if she is happy at the moment...just in case there is sth.....that you are not ready to let her go (into death-sorry to talk in extremes-doesnt mean that i think she is going to die now- even though all of us have to die one day)...and that you still need her as a mum etc. pp. and this should only show her your sorrow and that you care about her...just to know whats going on and to get a bit of peace in your soul again, positively!

enormous hug to you.....and all the best whishes to you and your mum,

peace and love,



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Posted:So this is in "Discussion" for what reason, Doc? I feel I got a controversial view on the topic, yet wouldn't want to hurt anyone's (your) feelings by voicing it...

*re-reads IP*

Sorry, can't offer much advice on "how to influence your parents", will shut up now.

*goes back into lurking mode*

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Posted:Hey Doc,

I have no more suggestions than the ones already put forward, so I'll stick to just wishing you luck... *hug*


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