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Luminate is an earth friendly eco festival of light held up at the magical mystical Canaan Downs 7-11th Feb. check out https://www.myspace.com/luminatefestival for details. I'm looking for fellow fire spinners to help me out in the fire zone - to run workshops in the day time, and get into some fire geometrics at night.
my details are somewhere in the myspace thingy, or I'll check here for messages too...
happy spinning! Bronwyn

Fairie's wear boots.

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OMG!!! how about you STALK ME!!!


Just because I have moved into your neighbourhood... Well Actually, I have "ideas" for what should really happen to golf balls, and what a perfect place to practise - that flash little golf course down the road. Oh, do you have a pair of really long tongs???

Sorry, Losing the plot, there is a point to all of this....

I think we should not only have a random theory rant board but we should get a projectile weapons expert in to "explain" in physics language that the best of us can only blink at, the different velocities and impact damage of common items around the town.

OK the real point, does anyone out there that is going have a big like really big, and quite new tent that they don't mind lending out for the festival??

Did you know if a pigeon doesn't bob its head when it is walking, it will fall over...

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