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MissmojoBRONZE Member
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Location: Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Just looking for someone to teach me fire twirling in Townsville, would love to hear from you biggrin

clarence_quackclarence_quackSILVER Member
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Hey! Welcome to HoP.

We're a nosey bunch, so tell us more about yourself. Filling out the from at the top of the intro page helps a lot!

If you have a look through the meet others threads or the events, performances and gatherings thread (a search is always fun) you'll have a lot more luck finding people near you.

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i have just started a fire group called "EMBER JAM"
it's only social at the moment (waiting on the paperwork!)
but we twirl at the:-
Townsville PCYC (welington st pimlico)
Thursday nights (if it's not raining)
its a great night as i said it's only new about 10 to 15 people rock up but i will be starting lesions and some more promotion next month
Hope to see you there

newgabenewgabeSILVER Member
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 Written by: Brioni

i will be starting lesions and some more promotion next month

Lesions eek ubblol um, excellent typo! I think you mean *lessons* rather than injuries wink

Good work for starting something up... 12 people sounds like a a great turnout, so congratulations.

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