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Hi, I'm fairly new to all of this, I've been firebreathing for about 3 or 4 months now, and have been dabbling in staff spinning, and I've just been given a HoP fire staff for my 18th birthday. When I bought my firebreathing club my friends told me that i had to soak the wick for at least 4 hours and then let it air dry before using it. I haven't seen anything anywhere else about doing this though, and I wondered if anyone could tell me whether I need to do this with my staff before I can use it, as this is the first time I've used a staff with new wicks.... confused

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ive heard stuff like that. Conditioning the wicks or whatever, I've never done it, and from what i have heard about doing it, it seems to not change anything.


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Cool, cheers, was hoping that was the case, cos I'm planning on using the staff at a new years party, and I'd like to try a practice burn with the staff before then, and i wouldn't have had time if i'd soaked each end for four+ hours and then air dried them!

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before i lit up my fire poi for the first time, i soaked them for nearly 24 hours.

i dont know if it makes a difference, if it does, the only difference it will probably make is that it has fuel soaked all the way through the wick and makes the burn time longer because it has more fuel soaked in it (i'm just guessing, i have no idea if that is true)

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Yep, I asked this question too a few years ago... [Old link]

Seems to be not necesary.

By the way, HoP threads have a search function that is really handy for finding information. I found that old thread above in about 2 secs by searching for 'conditioning'.

Took me a while to learn how to seach here too,it's not immediately obvious... the easy good search function is not the *google* search with the box right at the top of the page,... it's the little word 'search' in the group of words to the right of Welcome *your name*

You would have been prompted to search as a part of posting a new thread... it does work well to do it... a search for wick soaking would have produced [Old link] including NYC's experiment results...

Good luck with the staff spinning!

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