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gunsandrosesSILVER Member
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hello i havent seen a post up for this so im going to ask it and hope that someone here can help me

i got a pair of 26in weka fire poi (light and beginers fire poi may i add)

in any case i havent lit them yet but want to in the spring.
my only concern is that if and when my wicks do go out on these
poi can i put new wicks on them and if so how and what do i use to keep them still (glue ECT.) thay are instead of chain or or ball&chain thay are on cables if anyone knows what im talking about in anycase there dos not seem to be a way to replace them and dont really want to spend more money on another pair and would like to replace the wicks when the time comes
plz help confused weavesmiley

Mr MajestikSILVER Member
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i have no idea sorry smile

try pming or emailing the store, thats what its there for.

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RellizateGOLD Member
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I don't think you can replace the wicks on weka poi. Try some tube cores.

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