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Dear all,

we are having a party....

Non-Https Image Link

Xmas Fundraiser party for Spinning@...

Thursday 20th December 2007

7pm - 1am

Myth Bar

123 Acre Lane, Brixton, London. SW2 5UA

Here's a map

Live DJ's... Cocktails... snacks... large outdoor area...oddballs raffle.

possible fire space, bring toys

8 on the door

hope to see you there



if your looking for somewhere to crash... or you can offer a bed/sofa... try here:

[Old link]

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its all about the fun fun fun fun and more fun...

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actually this is the link:

Because ActiveAngel sounds like a feminine deodorant

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wow that looks like so much fun...even though I know none of those names :P

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I think i will be going to synergy tonight

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