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I am looking for other spinners in Houston who could teach me some tricks. I am just starting out, so I need some help. Also, if anyone can suggest a place to take lessons, it would be appreciated! :P

A classical vocalist, aspiring to be an opera singer after college. Love to read, watch tv and movies, hang out with friends, and of course I love to spin fire poi.

My spinning stage name is Pann, and this refers to the Greek God as well as Peter Pan.

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[Old link]

You can also search for the Houston Burners and Zion's Flame tribes.

Last Concert Cafe is tons of fun and the hoopers are really helpful for teaching moves, I assume that the poi & staffers there are as well. I know they're friendly. And they do sometimes do fire at LCC. They do it off the patio on "amature night" so there's tons of live music of varying styles and quality. Some of it's pretty darned good. Starts about 9:30 on Mondays. Google the place to figure out how to get there.

Also, look for the Zion's_Flame, and the GreatBallsofFire yahoo groups. Someone's trying to set up a south houston group.

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Starting in January, there will be poi classes offered through this website (look under specialty props). Although the majority of the site is dedicated to bellydance (that's what she does for a living), this will be a poi only class and you will learn the basics.

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Zion's Flame practices Tuesday and Friday nights. Tuesday nights is technical practice where we just work on moves and Friday night is technical practice with the option to use fire. We meet near I45 and the north loop (610). We've also just met some people who want to open their backyard in the heights to practice on Wednesday nights. If you need more info, send me a message and I'll hook you up with directions and stuff.


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