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Forums > Technical Discussion > anyone familiar with Atom Poi

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Member Since: 7th Nov 2007
Total posts: 4
Posted:hi there people
I been tempted by jugglo atom poi
but cant choose which version
strobe, colour change, colour fade?
does anyone have any experience of atom poi, any links to show me what they look like?
many thanks


Member Since: 7th Nov 2007
Total posts: 4
sorry peeps
noobs mistake
if admin could put this in the tech section
many thanks


Now with extra strawberries
Location: Canberra
Member Since: 11th Feb 2002
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Posted:Hey dude i 'm just gonna put this in the tech section.

But i would also like to suggest that you do a search for "atom poi" or glow poi. Beacuse i'm pretty sure that this topic has been discussed in some length before and those threads have a lot of good content.

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We actually carry the exact same model (they are not made by Jugglo), so, if you want, I can probably answer some questions for you. what specifically would you like to know?

best regards,

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Member Since: 2nd Jul 2007
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Posted:strobe wink they look really pretty, probs the best out of the glow poi we bought for our society.

if i could be a busy busy bee...

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