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hey folks!A friend of mine is making home made bean bag juggling balls by the mountain ful and wants to sell them.Does anyone know if theres any rules about where they can be sold eg only on car boot or can she sell them to a shop?(this is for the Uk)Cheers!Spammiexx

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You can sell them anywhere,to a shop,on the street for a stall @ a festiveal or market or anything like that.You can also sell them on the net by mail order from a site or just by e-mail. Chains and corporations are usually difficult to sell to as they need authorisation and you have to sell then to the distributer. But local, non chain, family run or anything like that will usually buy direct so long as packaging etc are of a high enough standard. The only rules that you would have to worry about (as far as I know) are things like copyright & patents on the product (not really aplicable here) and traders licences for street etc.People do get into trouble taking part in illegal street trade but I don't know the workings and rules behind this, but if a shop is willing to sell your product then thats fine.My advise would be to talk to someone like "trading standards" or your local council who will be able to tell you where you stand.hope this helps.peace outgarbo
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