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Heya - I am just a newbie to the poi - I have had a bit of practice i can do a few things, i have a set of glow pois to start off with until i get better - is there anyone that kinda lives near me that could have the time to help me practice? if not it is fine i will just go to the fire nights on tuesdays smile
I live in meadowbank, auckland, - i have a friend that was helping me who lives on the shore but i have moved from the shore to east-central.
Thank you smile

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hehe its ok i can just watch the videos in the beginners thread smile

FireNixFireNixBRONZE Member
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Goto the events section and check for Auckland events
Central City Circus crew - Colin, Paulee and Markee are really nice guys.
Theres a FireNight and Basque reserve and an inddor jugglery/spinning night also
Good luck maybe see you in the new year when I arrive

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Kyle03Kyle03SILVER Member
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Hey Alice, I'm moving to new zealand in January but i
I'm not sure where I'll be staying. If I'm anywhere Auckland, I'll let you know. Maybe I could help you out a bit.
Ooh! or you could meet me at the airport and give me a tour of the place?

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888888GOLD Member
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hey !

you can also find some good vid to learn there :

good luck !

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yum playpoi biggrin

if i could be a busy busy bee...

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