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Posted:I can not stress enough the importance of safety when it comes to using fire.
We used lamp oil which is by far the safest of fuels. The flames dont get as huge as it does with the more dangerous fuels. But we arent trying to be badass like that. We prefer to be safe.
Welders gloves were used. They Allowed the firesticks to be held for a reasonable amount of time. Eventually the gloves just got to be to hot.

Natural Clothing was being worn. COTTON. No fake synthetic material because it will catch fire quickly and not be good for you. We also had a fire blanket.


NYC made us some custom fire sticks so fire freehanding could be done. Previously thought impossible. He proved that freehand moves can be done just the same with fire as long as safety precautions are followed.

This video has MadRaverRai , Spazzman, and Ginseng doing all their sick freehand moves with FIRE.

Half of this was shot in my backyard and the other half was shot at the EC 07 meetup.


Thanks to Tom Colontonio for allowing us to use his song Oxidize for the soundtrack


Tom Colontonio on myspace

and once again special thanks to NYC for helping us and keeping us all safe and giving us a good fire safety lesson. Your the man.

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