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Posted:This is horribly misplaced, I'm sure, but is anyone there right now?

I'm out and about, but just back at my friend's to eat, pee, consume beverages, and then we're striking back out.

I had exactly five minutes to prepare, so I'm in an orange flight suit with blinking white lights all over it (I have these sorts of outfits sitting around... it's amazing). I do not, however, have my Poi.

If you see a guy in such a costume, ask me if I'm Doc Lightning. I'll give you a hug.

And I guarantee it'll be Nutella-Free!

-Mike )'(
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"A buckuht 'n a hooze!" -Valura

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Posted:Ooo i went last year. It was so much fun even though i knew nobody.
Have fun : )

I {Heart} hand me downs and spinning in the snow.<br /><br />


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Posted:i woulda gone if you had nutella


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Posted:i WAS there, but that was a few days ago now...
hey NYC you live in the city now (sf)? thats where i work..
we should spin sometime

biggrin happy little panda bear biggrin
i love you


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