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Posted:Hi there all,

I'd like to discuss a spinning visualiation, because I din't find

a suitable tool yet.


Here is a slight progress in spinning, that's showing the tension:


Non-Https Image Link


Plain asci 'draw', minimal requirements, but less visual.

Used many times in here. Via<code></code> or quote.


Non-Https Image Link


Plain draw, can show mosty static position, but less the movement,

but allow wider expression range.

DRAW(motion picture)

Non-Https Image Link


'Staticaly dynamic' form, that allow both flat and dimen sional pic-

ture, take some time.

(I didnt receive reply from M.Kahn, but think all hand made.)


-Sphercular's Poibot


High technical, scalable aplication, rewarded by wide range

of situations.

(How get the figure out of that?)


Non-Https Image Link


Real looped animation, requiring camera and small

technical ability. Very usefull, Mot's know.



Embedded or not, need camera and software. Advanced tech-

nical skillz. There are lot of them in tutorial pages.


I din't find suitable tool yet. I'd love to have a draw ability,

or someone to help.

Otherwise, example of spinning visualization today, place

for discussion about.




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Posted:One of my plans for the Hyperlight sequencing software is to incorporate a 3D spinner. I've not thought too much about the detail of it yet (the current version just has a 2D representation), but if it was scriptable so we can build up a library of moves, it could form a very useful teaching aid.

I think Meg may have some sort of visualisation program from seeing some of her LABs videos (albeit for staff).

What did you want it for? That might help us suggest a better solution.

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