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Posted:They arrived and ive been playing with them quite a bit. I got 3 with the charging station for 23.50 and free delivery from Ministry Of Gadgets.

The charging station and they way they charge seems a bit dodgy because the lights kept going to green until i moved thme around a bit but once set they charged and were ready.

I knocked them together quite hard on the bottom plastic bits and after one of them was rattling. All that had happened was the led and charge part had fallen inside the shell so i got it out and put it back in. This means you can put it in any shell you like or just wrap something around it if you want. You could also put another led of your choice inside the shell as its quite good.

Ill get a vid soon but outside so i have room to properly spin

Oggz are quite a lot brighter than rainbow strobe LED poi. Anyway, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words

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Posted:I have the Oggz poi from and yes probably paid to much... but i'm lazy soooo oh well. Anyway, i LOVE them. I constantly get people asking me where I got them and all about them and so on and so forth. Soft, bright, easy to charge, long battery life etc. I highly recommend the Oggz, no matter how or from whom you get them. And yea, much much brighter than the rainbow poi I got here years ago.

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