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Posted:Hey Hoppers!

Me and Guy (LazyAngel) did a little filming session the other day at camcircus. This is what we came up with for me. I've only been doing contact for about a month now, so constructive comments please. smile

Thanks to guy for the editing and the footage.


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Don't do a four minutes video when you have so few movements to show wink
Otherwise, it's pretty good for a one-month training smile

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Posted:It worked out ok. I myself rarely watch any video that is over two min. all the way through. So I scanned it. It seems like you have a really good handle on the variations. I think the numchucks helped

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Posted:Rell, do you hate it when people add that "M" in there? I know i do. Should add that to my pet peeve list :P


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Posted:*raises hand* sorry all criticisms on the editing should come to me:
Koothor: sorry that's my fault: I thought it was ok, but I can see there was a bit of repitition in there: it's a bit difficult to know what to do with someone else's video, I readily admit

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Posted:Planes wink

Not bad, though. learn more arm rolls. they're awesome fun.

And slow down smile

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