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Not an event as such, but just an update as of the Auckland events that are held weekly. (I know someone's probably put this up, but it's really an update.) (And I've probably missed a few...)

Tuesdays - starting from 2nd October, Basque Reserve, during the evening. Never been, but told it's a great night.

Wednesday - Auckland Circus Night, no fire unfortunately, but a good chance to have a practice where you won't end up covered in soot, plus unicycling, juggling, and there's usually a really hot magician there. (Ley's Gym, St Marys Road, Posonby.)

Thursdays - a chance to spin at Massey University in Albany. Usually there's a band having a jam or a DJ on the turntables, there's a bar (not that I'm promoting drinking and spinning!) and all round a good night. It's at Evolution Bar at the moment from 7ish onwards but I think the venue may be changing.

Sundays - by far my favourite night of the week now. Mission Bay - next to the fountain - from 6.30ish onwards. The greatest bunch of people you'll ever find.

Feel free to reply with more weekly Auckland events if you know of any!!

Lurve and peace to all

Kelzie biggrin

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Good move Kelzie.
A summary of all the happenings is a good idea..
Theres also a juggling night in massey on Mondays. I'll have to get back to y'all with the details..

Kia Ora from the Central City Circus

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