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Posted:Well hello there folks! I'm brand spankin new to this poi malarkey, got meself a set of the cute furry beginner ones but not had a chance to spin them yet!! I'm headin to london for a week this tuesday and wonderin...

A) Where do people spin in London?

B) Will i look a total numpty going not knowing ANYTHING?!?

C) Anyone fancy showing me the ropes when i get there?

Anyways, that's enough from me!! Cheers folks!!!

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Posted:A) Not sure, but do a search. There's bound to be somewhere.
B) Nah begginers show up all the time. Everyone started once.
C) Errm the ropes are usually located between the handels and the weight/fire head...




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Posted:sweeeet if you hear word on the london twirling scene... im heading there for new years, and ill be passing back through again at the end of february (either end of a month in africa)
i met an english dude who was basically the only other (decent) contact juggler at 2UberOz in bris. but i lost his card. and forget his name.
but he said "if youre ever in london..." so help?




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Posted:Im hedding down to London next week my self and was about to ask the same question.
if you want to meet up for a spin get in touch.
Also i think theres a spin meet on tuesdays someplace anyone have any info.

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Posted:keyarghah, the english dude you are thinking of is Chris, my lovely contact-juggly boyfriend. Pm or email me for his contact if you want. We'll both be in London from mid-January onwards.... Oh and if you'll be at woodford we'll be there too... Chris will be Mr Om's assistant in Circadia. I just checked out your profile to put face to (user)name and yeah I recognize you from CommonGround!
~ Jen

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used to be the main meet. Now?

.....Can't juggle balls but I sure as hell can juggle details....



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Posted:I love how its someone who lives in Australia who gives the link to the spinning meet in London! ubblol

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