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Posted:- 'X' FORMATION




Notation: (LR) - Left over or right over

Recomended: Framing



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Inversion uses a set of inswings that make buzzsaw, when same direction and 'x' when opposite.

Note: Wall plane barrel roll

Note: I can't opposite..(?!)



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Introversion uses set of inswing that makes 'x', when same direction and buzzsaw when opposite.

Note: Wheel plane notcoleman.

Note: Wall plane half introversion.

There are two inswings. Describe the apearance of buzzsaw

in basic plane(wheel, wall).

Notcoleman -> Introversion <- Half introversion



The 'x' and buzzsaw forming is obvious, becase inswing is buzzsaw

creator, when inversion is cross-over creator.

The position of 'x' is significant. When you understand the buzzsaw

upper fountain transformation, you've got the key.

Inversion is cross-over 'in-in' of buzzsaw(in both side frame). When

cross-over like we know it, is 'out-out' buzzsaw(out both side frame)

cross-over. When you learn the wall plane notcoleman you will find

the 'in-out' cross-over.



-Notcoleman weave (wheel plane)

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Notcoleman <-> Cross-over(LR) <-> Notcoleman

-Introversion weave (wheel plane)

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Introversion <->cross-over(LR) <-> Introversion

-Full barell roll (wheel plane)

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Notcoleman <-> Inversion <-> Notcoleman

-Buzzsaw upper fountain (theory) (wall plane)

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The buzzsaw get tranfered directly to inversion,

no watter mill, no cross-over.

-Introversion lower fountain (wall plane)

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By Introversion, buzzsaw - buzzsaw transition without cross-over.

-Notcoleman wall (wall plane)

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When you find wall plane cross-over insideout, the move is yours.

('n' notcoleman horizontal fun)



Exspecially the last part is very interesting, but I had allready knew.

thus spoke,



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