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Posted:Just a little post for people living in Spain to come forth and tell the world we're here...

I haven't been on hop for a couple of years and lost touch with the world but am now back online!
I am still in madrid and will be for the foreseeable future... biggrin

FYI: There is a lot of spinning in the RETIRO PARK in the centre of the city on Sunday afternoons/evenings although recently the police haven't been very permitting on the fire side of things.

If you're in Madrid, send me a message smile
and I promise to try and reply sooner than I have of late (just replied to someone who sent me a message 2 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

love to all
B ubbloco weavesmiley biggrin

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So live it.

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Posted:I happen to be in Madrid now. For a month.

Hay alguien?

-Mike )'(
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