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bexycbrSILVER Member
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Location: United Kingdom

hi all! just ordered my poi set...i used to do colourguard and im hoping that my skills and techniques from that will help me learn poi but im pretty much clueless....i have a few events lined up to do poi if i can learn some stuff so basically this is a cry for help! i live close to the racecourse in northampton and was interested in either lessons to attend or some fellow spinners to teach me a few things! let me know if anyone can help! thanks!

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which Northampton? If it's the one in mass, I can help you.

SeyeSeyeSILVER Member
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Location: Manchester, UK

I'm guessing you mean Northampton, Northants, UK.

I'll post something up next time I'm in town. Its getting rare these days though.

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