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Location: Canada

Has anyone ever used poi as a weapon or even thought of using it as a weapon I think It makes a perfect weapon because It's easy to conceal, has good range, It's intimidating when swung with fancy moves and It's not concedered a weapon making it's possession and practice legal.

lem168000SILVER Member
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Location: USA

When I travel internationally I make sock poi with contact juggling balls in the end instead of rice, which makes an effective carrying case for keeping scratches off the ball but also creates a self-defense weapon that I can carry through security. It might not be the best weapon in the world, but it could a heavy, solid, fast-flying acrylic ball could probably break bone and would definitely hurt like hell.

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If you're familiar with Alolan Marowak that uses its bone club as a poi staff for a weapon from Pokemon Sun and Moon that would be my example. I wish I could post a photo here. It's fictional though

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