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Hi evribody!
First i'd like to thanx all the people i've met to the ejc for fun,talking,passing,drinking,fire and most important fellings we shared there! hug
7 days of great inspirations and fun!

So,it happend exactly during thet dayz,while strolling around that i0ve seen lot of pople manipulating objects,most af them clubs and ball,but also hats and much more..so when i came back the things i've seen came out and some days ago i found myself is some(bad)attemp of manipulating staves mostly like clubs and now i wander about2things:
1-what is a manipulation
2-can be done sith staves?

i think that can be a helpfull and usefull "disipline"that could give more phatos and pauses into a row of juggling,spinning and all the things can be done actually...

what do you think about that? biggrin

--Late biosas---
tired to watch videos,let's go juggling in the street.

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what you think were doing ? biggrin

if not manipulating ?

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I'm not quite sure what you;re asking.

There are tricks where you can slowly change the point of rotation on the staff, such as on the very end of the staff, so that it looks like its spinning on an axes. You do that by holding the staff steady and keeping the bottom end in the center in front of you, whilst moving around the other end in a big circle.

Otherwise... I guess any contact tricks such as the conveyer belt or something is what you're talking about.

Check MCP's stickies at the top of this forum, hopefully you can find something helpful there. smile

Or wait 'til a more experienced circus-lover comes along who can answer your question. biggrin


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well i'm talking about some more manipulating,not just twirl it,trow it and spin it upon the body..
Do you know the "tic-tac"played with clubs(when you play 3 and instead of carching you just touch it and spin it backward)?that is wat i mean..just a parto of what i immagine dto do with..

like trowing it parallel to the ground and turning to take it with other hand..or maybe the drops behind the shoulder,you turn and cath it with other hand,as with clubs..

try to wath the visionboot manipulation 1"the harbor".that's exactly my idea od manipulation :-)

--Late biosas---
tired to watch videos,let's go juggling in the street.

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