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nulleamainulleamaiGOLD Member
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Location: Napoli (Neaples), Australia

eham...i have a stupid question: i'm new on hop and i don't know what are the "good manners" here, so: i posted a video few week ago but now i want to post anotherone, very different, about toss with socks, i have to put it in the old tread or can i make a new tread? redface

_Poiboy__Poiboy_PLATINUM Member
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you can do both, i usually put my vids in seperate threads though.
welcome to HOP by the way hug have fun smile

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Hi there Nulleamai, welcome to HOP! hug (even though you've been registered for a while)
Also, thanks for asking about this, your politeness has been noted biggrin wink

As the ever so lovely poiboy says, you can can do both, but generally (in my opinion), for your own benefit its best to put them in one thread, so people can find them easier. That way, anyone wanting to find a specific video by you only has to goto one thread, rather than look for multiple ones.

I hope that helps!


pricklyleafpricklyleafSILVER Member
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I would also vote for the same thread, although it is fine to do either

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nulleamainulleamaiGOLD Member
152 posts
Location: Napoli (Neaples), Australia

ok, thanx a lot, i will do a single thread for all new videos but i will leave the old video in the old thread (more easy for me)...

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